Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Manumitted Smith Family of Dallas County, Alabama


A short bio on the manumitted Smith family by Alabama genealogist and historian, Gary Mills from the book "Plain Folk of the South Revisited"


Kristin said...

My 2x great grandmother Eliza Williams and her daughter Mary were freed in Dallas County before 1860. I find them in the 1860 census however it does not list them as MU or Black. Do you know where I would look to find evidence that they were freed? they both looked white.

The Family Griot said...

Kristin, thanks for the question. Many of the documents relating to the Smiths were found at the county courthouse, in legal documents (there was a lawsuit between the heirs of Tom Smith in 1854 which went to the Alabama state supreme court), in census records and public documents such as books and newspapers. Gary Mills does give some good sources in his chapter of the book "Plain Folks of the South Revisted" about how he located the FPOC in Dallas County. I was also able to find information on Tom Smith with the aid of RAOGK. You can try Carter G. Woodson's book on Free People of Color. Hope these things are helpful. You can always contat me at

Kristin said...

Thanks you for the quick response. I think I need to make a plan and see what I can do outside of Dallas Cty. and perhaps plan a research trip there. it's only a matter of hours away.