Monday, August 29, 2011

Life Along the Natchez Trace: Southern Adams County, Mississippi

Inspired by the 1968 National Geographic article, "Life Along the Natchez Trace",  I decided to share these photos of what I refer to as 'the country'. These are photos from the former plantation lands in which African-Americans remained after the Civil War and made it their homes. These specific area cover Sibley, MS the areas known as Beverly and Hutchins Landing in southern Adams County, MS. The first photo is taken from the National Geographic Magazine.

Baptism of Willie McGee, 1968
Willie McGee (center), Brother Rounds (left) and Reverend Walter Logan (right)
Reverend Logan would go on to baptize, christen, marry and eulogize several members of the Thompson, Galmore, Rounds and Washington families. He also married my parents in 1970.

Mount Olive Baptist Church
Sibley, MS
Reverend Walter Logan's son, Douglas,  is the current pastor

Hutchins Landing
Anthony Hutchings and John Hutchings former plantation and land 
as it appears today