Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama: Celie Smith - Williams of Dallas County, AL

Celie Smith-Williams with grandson Rayfield Callins and granddaughter Lucy Callins circa 1900

Celie Smith, was born in Dallas County, AL about 1852 to a free woman of color named Phillis (Ann) Smith. Celie was born to a long line of Smiths who had been manumitted  in the will of Baxter Smith in 1829. Smith manumitted her great grandmother Charity Smith (born abt 1788) and her grandmother Harriet Smith (born abt. 1810).
Celie Smith married Joe Scroggins on January 15, 1870. Lucy Scroggins-Callins (born abt. 1872) was born to this union. After a separation or divorce, Celie married Pierce Williams on April 4, 1875 and the following children were born to that union: Phillis, Andrew, Martha, Thomas, and Alfie.
In her senior years, Celie moved with her daughter Alfie from Woodlawn, Dallas County, Alabama to Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama between 1920 and 1930. She spent her final days with her daughter Alfie and her seven grandchildren: Edward Williams, Phillis (Junious) Anderson, Coleman Williams, Robert Williams, Earnestine Williams, Eugene Williams and John L. Williams. Celie died on June 23, 1933 in Bessemer and was buried in Jones, Autauga County, Alabama.