Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alabama Records: Joe and Celie (Smith) Scroggins marriage license

Marriage record of Celie Smith and first husband Joe Scroggins
January 15, 1870 (Top left corner pg 329)
Reads as follows:

Executed January 15, 1870 Abram Sampson; recorded April 4, 1870

The State of Alabama, Dallas county To any licensed minister of the Gospel, Judge of the circuit or probate court, or justice of the peace of said County; you are hereby authorized to celebrate the Rites of Marriage between Joe Scroggins and Selia Smith (Col) and join them together in the Holy Bond of Matrimony and for so doing this shall be your sufficient covenant. Given under my hand this at this office the 12th of January 1870. I.F.Cowley, Judge