Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stroll Down Memory Lane Sunday: My Grandmama's

I'm my maternal grandparent's first child to be born outside of Mississippi. Here are some memorable photos from my early years of the women in my mother's family.

MMy grandmother, Saint Arby Thompson and my "baby" aunt flew into New York City on PanAm for a visit when I was about two months old. They just walked across the tarmac, something that would never happen these days.

My first trip to Mississippi at about one year old. This is a photo with my mother's maternal grandmother, Alice "Ma" Washington, on the front porch of her house at Ben's Corner.

Another visit, probably that same day, with my mother's paternal grandmother, Sarah "Mama Sarah" Thompson, in Hutchins Landing on the road in front of her house. One in the coming years I would run up and down quite a bit.