Saturday, July 11, 2009

Genealogy Road Trip: The Rounds Family Cemetery

In an earlier posting, I described a bit about my visit to the Mt. Sinai Church cemetery and to the Rounds Family Cemetery. Many of my Thompson-Galmore relatives are buried in the Mt. Sinai Cemetery and the Rounds Family Cemetery has interned the majority of the Rounds family. The Rounds cemetery is located a few hundred yards from the main house on the Rounds Plantation (Glen Aubin). While I was out taking photos of the headstones at the Rounds family cemetery, a group of cattle decided that they were going to visit the pond right behind the house and cemetery. Being afraid of a 1000lb side of living beef, I kept a very low profile.
This headstone is the grave of Surgetta "Suzette" Rounds, one of the grandchildren of Goliah and Dinah Rounds. This is the rearview which lists Surgetta's children and grandchildren. The front view is a traditional headstone included is a military photograph of Suzette. This was definitely one of my favorite headstones. I was able to finally visit the graves of Goliah and Dinah Rounds. The headstone has been updated by my family and its also one of my favorites. I was able to obtain the dates of their deaths for my family tree records. Unfortunately because the graves of Charles and Charity Rounds are so close to the main house, I wasn't able to get a look at them.