Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day1&2: Strolling through the cemetery

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Sibley, Mississippi

My first couple of days in Mississippi, I was able to visit two cemeteries in Adams county. The first cemetery I visited was the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Cemetery in Sibley, Mississppi. My grandmother St. Arby Washington-Thompson is buried there. I was also able to locate the grave of my Thompson family relatives, Galmore relatives and some other folks who shared those suranames. Quite a few of the older headstones have been weathered away. I also took a photograph of Mt. Sinai church, the second built sanctuary. A piece of the original sanctuary now hangs over the doors of the new building. The placard over the door is the image of two crescent moons with a star in the middle. Its a very unique piece that I will research the symbolism of at a later date.

The second cemetery I visited is the Rounds Family cemetery. This is the cemetery on the Rounds Plantation that came into the Rounds family by Charles and Charity Rounds. Charles and Charity Rounds were buried several yards away from the cemetery near the main house. I was able to locate and photograph Dinah Brown-Rounds, Goliah Rounds and many of their children in the cemetery. Also in the cemetery were other descendents of Charles and Charity Rounds.
All in all I think these first couple of days were productive and gave me leads in search of other family members.