Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Williams/Smith Family lineage

My branch of the Callins family originated with the marriage of George Callins and Lucy Stroggins on 23 December 1886 in Dallas County, Alabama. I am still researching the Callins family because I don't have much information on them at this time.
However, many details are emerging about his wife Lucy Stroggins family. Lucy Callins mother was named Celie Smith (b. abt 1850). It appears as if she had two marriages. The first to Joe Scroggins on 15 January 1870 in Dallas County, Alabama. From this union, Lucy was born. I have been unable to locate any additional records on Joe Scroggins. I then was able to locate a marriage to Pierce Williams on 4 April 1875, also in Dallas County, Alabama. By this time Celie had two daughters, Lucy Stroggins and Phillis Smith. Note that Phyllis' has Celie's maiden name of Smith.
Celie and Pierce had five (5) children: Andrew, Martha, Thomas and Alphie(Alfy). I'm unsure exactly what happened to Martha, Andrew, Thomas or Phyllis. However, I do what happened to Alfy.
According to census records, oral history and a little figuring on my part Alfy left Woodlawn, Alabama and moved to Bessemer, Alabama. While in Woodlawn, she was apparently a paramour. According to family members who knew her while she was living, she had eight (8) light skinned children, but never married. This is what leads me to believe she had a status as a paramour. Her children are the following: Phillis(Anderson) Williams, Edward Williams, Coleman Willilams, Ernestine Williams, Robert Williams, Eugene Williams, and John Williams.

Between 1920 and 1930, Alphy moved to Bessemer, Alabama with her children, her widowed mother Celie and son-in-law Junius Anderson. Also according to family oral history because of their light skin and the move to Bessemer, the Williams' children were afforded better opprotunities. From this branch of the family we have educators and college presidents.

If there are any Williamses from Dallas or Jefferson County, Alabama, I am actively seeking family members to contact. My e-mail address is familygriot@gmail.com.

In the meantime, there will be more to come on this lineage and the Callins lineage including our foreign roots.