Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Washington Family of Adams County, Mississippi

The Washington family of Adams County, Mississippi are in my maternal lineage.

The Washington family can be traced back to Scott Washington Sr. Scott was born in September 1858 in southern Mississippi. On several census records he's listed a mulatto, leading me to believe that his father was a white man; as this was the custom in that part of the country during that time. He may have been a product of a side family.

Scott married a woman named Eliza and they had nine children together; Louvenia, Chester, Scott Jr., Benjamin, Carrie, James, Mary, Julia, and Margaret. The family was brought up in Adams County, Mississippi out on a farm Scott had acquired called Ben's Corner.
Scott also had a side family in Wilkinson County. He met a widow, Roxie Earls who was originally from a small community Lanehart, Mississippi. Roxie had two daughters Kate and Jane from her marriage. Scott and Roxie had two sons together Will and Elijah. When the children were still young and Elijah was just an infant, Roxie died. Since Scott was married, the boys were raised by their older sisters. Kate raised Will and Jane raised Elijah. Roxie is buried in an African-American cemetary Bunker Hill in Wilkinson County, MS.
My great-grandfather Will was born in December 1888 to Roxie Earls and Scott Washington in Wilkinson County, Mississippi. He was raised by his eldest sister, Kate in Wilkinson County. During this time Scott Washington lost his farm under suspicious circumstances. Once Will became a man he moved to Adams county. There he met and married Alice Rounds. He was also able to reacquire Ben's Corner which remains in the family to this day.
Will and Alice had 10 children together which they raised on the farm.


Federic said...

Very interesting read. I like how you presented both families, and in such a way which does not pass any judgement. Thanks for the sincere and honest look back into time of your ancestors.

musicmanning said...

FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for doing this. There is a lot we know and a lot that we don't know but were afraid to ask for some reason. I'm proud of you.