Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Loving Memory: Folk Art in headstones

One of the things I've come to look forward to while researching my family is visiting the local cemeteries. I find the various headstones to be fascinating. They range from the most elaborate marble headstones with a photo of the deceased enshrined in a glass frame to folk art headstones made from concrete with handmade designs and customized memorializations. Here are a few of the folk art headstones I photographed at Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery.
Mr. Joseph Perry
Born Aug 6, 1913 died Nov 16, 1973
“Rest In Peace”

Mother Mary Givens
“Our Beloved Mother” 
1860 – 1940 Aged 80

In Loving Memory of Laura C. Green
She was born July 10, 1921
She died Aug 21, 1990
She was Mother at Mt. Olive Baptist Church

              Mr. Buck Williams
             Born June 18, 1888
             Died Oct 13, 1966 At Rest


Ms Vicky said...

Very nice! Its amazing what symbols and their meanings and customs stand for.

Valencia said...

Wonderful viewing!