Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Trip Countdown: Off to Mississippi

The state of Mississippi is located in the southern United States and officially became a state on December 10, 1817. Natchez, Mississippi was founded as a settlement in 1716 as part of the Natchez District originally claimed by the Spanish and French. After the Haitian revolution, the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory and in short order the Territory became part of the state of Mississippi.

My ancestors were forcibly migrated through the slave trade to southwestern Mississippi when it was part of the Mississippi territory and the Natchez District. During the Reconstruction Era, most of my family remained in Adams County and Wilkinson County, MS. During the years of  the Great Migration, some of my extended family members left Mississippi for points in the Midwest, the West Coast and major port cities in Louisiana.

Today I am embarking on a research trip to Mississippi to discover more about my family and the ancestral history of the community that they and other descendants of the formerly enslaved built together.