Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Call for Descendants: The Henyard Family of Mississipp and Mexico

Inspired by the traditional "Call for Papers", I've decided to create a monthly "Call for Descendants" column on the Family Griot blog. Each month a family surname that I have been able to research will be featured on the blog along with their family and the call to their descendants to respond or comment on the family.

The first family I will "Call for Descendants" is that of Thomas and Edward (Ned) Henyard and their sister Milly (Henyard) McFarland. All three siblings were born in Mexico and settled in Wilkinson County, Mississippi after the Civil War.

Thomas married Rosanna and had children Josephine, Daniel, Emily, Thomas Jr. Milly, Mary, William and George.

Edward (Ned) married Margaret and had children Henry, Jeff, Ned Jr., Stephen, Jim, Matilda, Lizzie, Mary and Abe Lincoln.

Milly maried Peter McFarland and had children Roxana, Albert, Julius, Thomas and Mary.

These descendants migrated to Louisiana, Illinois and many remained in Mississippi.


KDennis said...

Do you have more infomation about the Henyard family. I am a descendant of Daniel Henyard.

The Family Griot said...

KDennis, you can contact me at any time by sending me an e-mail to with any indepth questions about the lines I'm researching.