Monday, August 16, 2010

Dr. Benjamin Emerson Washington

One of the most wonderful research tools in genealogy is the internet. Many of the available software programs and social networks allow people who are researching in similar regions and for similar surnames connect online. This process has reunited many families who may have never reconnected. Recently one of the connections I made online was with my cousins Wendy and Wendell. They are the great-grandchildren of Scott Washington.

Cousins Wendy and Wendell have been a great resource in putting together the missing pieces about the children of Scott Washington and Eliza McLain. Most recently, Wendy sent me a copy of a newspaper article from Blount County, Tennessee newspaper "The Daily Times" and photo of Dr. Benjamin Emerson Washington (1883 - 1961). Turns out Uncle Benjamin was the doctor lived in Tennesse who I heard about when I was a little girl. When the family talked about him there was always a tone of admiration for his accomplishments. Enjoy the photos and article about this great man who made history in Tennessee. A special "Thank You" to Wendy who provided this information.


Ms Vicky said...

Very nice article and a wonderful picture. Thx for sharing

The Family Griot said...

Thank you Ms Vicky