Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Galmore Family in 1870 Mississippi Census

Today, I was conducting research in an attempt to get out of this family research slump. I decided to look for any records great great grandmother Clara Perkins-Galmore. My search focused my research on her maiden name, Perkins. I didn't yield any meaningful results. Afterwards, I just searched on the name Clara Galmore. In the 'other results', I came across the name James Galmore in the 1870 census records for Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi. I opened up the census record and saw three names I instantly recognized from the Galmore family: Phoebe Galimore, Kenndy Galimore and James Galimore.
From the 1870 census records, it lists Phoebe Galimore b.abt. 1830 as a Cook. Kenndy Galimore b. abt. 1855 and James Galimore b. abt. 1865 are not listed as having an occupation as they were aged 12 and 5 respectively. My great great grandfather's name was Kenndy Galmore and he was born in about 1855. He named two of his own children Phoebe and James. As a matter of fact, every generation since then has had a James and Phoebe in the Galmore descended family. Is this coincidence?

Photos: Sarah Galmore-Thompson(left), Phoebe Galmore(middle); Kendy Galmore; 1870 Census for Natchez, Adams County, MS