Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Washington Family Summary

The Washington Family are descendants of Scott Washington and Roxie Earls of Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Scott Washington was born in September 1859 and married Eliza McLain on 2 February 1881. Roxie McFarland-Earls was born in 1856 to Peter and Milly McFarland. She married John Earls on 17 February 1876.
There were four (4) children born to Roxie and John. They are as follows: Kate (1876), Millie (1877), Lucy (1879) and (Mary) Jane (between 1880 and 1886).
There were eight (8) children born to Scott and Eliza. They are as follows: Louvenia (1883), Benjamin (1884), Carrie (1885), Scott Jr. (1887), Chester (1889), Mary (1892), Julia (1898) and Margaret (1902)
There were two children born to Scott Washington and Roxie Earls. They are Will (1888) and Elijah (1891).
As of this writing, Scott Washington is the first known ancestor of the Washington family. I suspect because of his mulatto racial designation and his children's mulatto designation that he may have been quadroon (1/4 African) or octroon (1/8 African) and his father perhaps a white man. On the 1900 census records for Beat 1, Adams County, Mississippi, his father is listed as having been born in South Carolina and his mother is listed as born in Mississippi.
Roxie McFarland-Earls mother Milly was born in Mexico and is reported to have been Indian, although she is listed as black in the 1870 and 1880 Woodville, Wilkinson County, MS census records. Peter McFarland is cited as being born in 1805 in Viriginia. I often wonder what Peter's origins were, If he was the product of a breeding farm in Virginia or if he came from Africa directly. And I am truly curious about how he met his wife Milly who was born in 1837 in Mexico, which had outlawed slavery by the time of her birth. She was most likely born free.

I am a descendant of Will Washington Sr.