Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Griot "On The Road Genealogy"

Welcome back to my blog, The Family Griot where I'm digging up the family roots and shaking up the branches. I took a short break after discovering my maternal African Ancestry. I did this for a few reasons, to reorganize and redesign the blog, to plan a genealogical research trip and research the next subject matter I'd be blogging about. I'm pleased to report that I've accomplished all!

My new page design is wonderful in my opinion! These changes come just in time for my research trip to Adams and Wilkinson counties, Mississippi and the Washington-Rounds Family Reunion. This is the perfect opportunity for starter genealogists like myself to record valuable genealogical information by visiting local county clerks office, talking to older relatives, visiting family cemeteries and just having a good time with my family! My trip will also be my initial visit to any local records office. I'll be visiting the chancery clerk and circuit clerk's office to search for records on my mother's families. I'm very excited about what records I'll be able to discover at these locations. Additionally, I'll be visiting the Wilkinson County historical center to get information about the county that may be helpful in my research.

I'll be blogging while I'm on my genealogical research trip and posting pictures of all that I find while I'm out digging up my roots in Mississippi!