Monday, May 4, 2009

Who is Roxie Earl? Pt. 2

In my continued quest to find out about Roxie Earls, I have been fortunate enough to uncover some new information. First, I would like to thank the experts over at for their continued assistance with my genealogical research. They are as follows: Al Thomas, Vicky Mitchell-Davis, Selma and Angela Walton-Raji (If I messed up your names, I'm sorry, I cannot recall which surname comes first! lol). Your expertise is what keeps the world of African-American genealogy turning!

Below is the information that was discovered about Roxie Earls:

Roxana/Roxie/Rockey McFarland was born in District4, Wilkinson county, Mississippi
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The 1870 census reports the following McFarland family members residing in Wilkinson County, Mississippi:

Peter McFarland b. abt 1805 in Virginia
Milly McFarland b. abt 1850 in Mexico (YES MEXICO!)
Rockey McFarland b. abt 1856 in Mississippi
Albert McFarland b. abt 1860 in Mississippi
Julius McFarland b. abt 1862 in Mississippi
Thomas McFarland b. abt 1863 in Mississippi
Mary McFarland b. abt 1866 in Mississippi

Roxana McFarland married John Earls on 17 Feb 1876 and had the following children:

Daughter Kate was born in September 1876 in Wilkinson County, Mississippi
Daughter Millie was born in abt 1877
Daughter Lucy was born in about 1879
Daughter Mary was born in about 1880
Daughter Jane was born in about 1886 (I think that Aunt Jane is the connection to the McFarland's. I'll write on this more later once I get my old family reunion books out)

Roxie had the following children with Scott Washington:

Son Will Washington born in December 1888
Son Elijah born in about 1892

So far with this research I am so thrilled that I am finally able to know more about Roxie Earls! It definitely fills in a void for me personally as I knew nothing about her, the basic information. Now to find that old Bunker Hill cemetery in Woodville where she is buried. . .

More to come!