Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The McFarland Family of Wilkinson County, MS

As many of you who may be into genealogical research understand, each familial connection uncovered leads to a domino effect of wanting to know as much as you can about that family and its members. Since I have uncovered the family of my great-great grandmother Roxana (Roxie) McFarland-Earls and the unique information about her family, I have been spending the last couple of weeks trying to find out about this branch of the family. I made it a mission to discover more about the family of Peter and Milly McFarland. During that research, I also came across some surprising possibilities.

Further research into the McFarland Family led to this information:

From the 1880 Census reports the entire McFarland family with the exception of daughter Roxie, who married John Earls in 1876.

Peter McFarland b. abt 1805 in Virginia
Milly McFarland b. abt 1837 in Mexico
Albert McFarland b. abt 1860 in Mississippi
Julius McFarland b. abt 1862 in Mississippi
Thomas McFarland b. abt 1863 in Mississippi
Mary McFarland b. abt 1866 in Mississippi

I followed each child from the McFarland family, with the exception of Mary and was able to obtain the following information about their families:

Roxana McFarland married John Earls on 17 Feb 1876 and had the following children:
Daughter Kate was born in September 1876 in Wilkinson County, Mississippi
Daughter Millie was born in abt 1877
Daughter Lucy was born in about 1879
Daughter Mary was born in about 1880
Daughter Jane was born in about 1886

Roxie had the following children with Scott Washington:
Son Will Washington born in December 1888
Son Elijah born in about 1892

Albert McFarland married Jane Clayton on 20 June 1884 and had the following children:
Son Leon McFarland born May 1891
Daughter Addie McFarland born October 1892
Son Albert McFarland Jr. born January 1895
Daughther Janie McFarland born May 1896
Daughter Anna McFarland born July 1899

Julius McFarland married Ella Scott on 4 April 1888 and had the following children:
Daughter Sarah McFarland born April 1889
Daughter Milly McFarland born November 1891
Daughter Betty McFarland born September 1894
Son Isadore McFarland born 1897
Daughter Marie McFarland born January 1898

I was able to locate a Tom McFarland in Hinds County, Mississippi who married a Sarah in about 1882 in the 1900 Mississippi census. I'm still investigating this lead on what happened to Thomas McFarland. He appears to have disappeared from any census records in Wilkinson County, Mississipi. There are also city directories, military service records, land deeds and other public records I haven't looked over just yet.