Friday, April 10, 2009

Journey of Discovery. . .

Today I had a chance to reflect on exactly why I am researching my family genealogy and history. For me, it's a part of a greater journey of discovery. One that is within me and outside of me.
My journey on a quest to find my people began with a realization that African descended people in America were mostly missing from history books in the context of intellectual and humanitarian accomplishments. I began to research everything that I could about African descended people in America who had contributed anything of significance to American society. Along the way I discovered that as a group of people we are the most creative and most connected people that I know of. Our branch of the African Diaspora has survived and thrived under some of the most oppressive conditions in the Americas.
However, studying African-Americans wasn't enough, I had to take a look inward. I realized that I didn't know much about my own family, their achievements or their lives. These are the very people whose DNA and blood flows through me, their very existence allowed me to be brought me into being. As to date, I'm finding that success runs in my family in terms of their material wealth, spiritual wealth and gifts.
This journey has been eye opening for me in various ways. As I am journeying through this search for my family, I'm discovering more about myself, more about my people and more about my spirit.

I invite all my readers to continue with me on this journey of discovery. . .

The Family Griot